Many people love to play cricket on the playground or cricket stadium. But, everybody is not lucky enough to play in the cricket stadium and win a match.  If you want to become a club member to play cricket, then you should pay higher fees. Everybody cannot pay higher fees and visit clubs frequently. But, everybody can play cricket online. You can play different types of cricket matches online such as test series, one-day international, etc. You can also play ipl fantasy cricket online that is usually played by 11 players. You can play this game and win some exciting prizes online.

Playing cricket online

Many people across the world are attracted to cricket game online. It is one of the most preferred games that are cherished by the lovers. The game is also played with thrill and spirit on both mobile screens and television.  Many people also play this game online to acquire knowledge about cricket. They can also win some prizes and some assured bonuses. The game can be played online as it is legal and secure. Anybody can play this game to earn additional revenue also. Even students can play this game to earn additional revenue. Also, they can play the game for free. But they should understand the rules of the game before playing this game. They should know the rules of the game before playing, or else they lose the game.  The game cricket is usually played with 11 players. You can create your own team members online.

They can also earn additional revenue during their free time. They should follow the rules as prescribed in the guide and learn some tips to win the game. You also learn the daily news updates and you are probably playing with a team of 11 players. You can also create your team when you play online and introduce new 11 members.

How to play the game?

This game is meant for people who are usually beginners. They should follow the simple steps to win the game. To become a member, they should register the game and then select a match. Then, they can create a fantasy squad of 11 players. They use the virtual budget of 1000 gems and can play a particular match. In this game, they can select the captain and the vice-captain. In this game, the captain can get 2 points and the vice-captain can acquire 1.5 points. They can also join the paid pot along with the bonus. Once, the live match is played, and then the fantasy squad starts earning some points. The live match begins when the fantasy squad starts earning the points.

They can also score the rankings, points and the winners are also declared at the end of month.

Rules to play the games?

They should create a team of some members and select maximum 3 to 6 batsmen. They can choose 3 to 6 batsmen on the basis of pitch for cricket. They can even select 4 to 6 batsmen depending upon the bowling pitch.

So, the game should be played individually choosing your own team.

Cricket is a game that is fancied by several people worldwide. It is also a game that is loved by people than games such as football, hockey, kabaddi, etc. This game is played on the mobile screen and on the computers. The players can play this game on a user-friendly platform. The software can be downloaded easily and the player should enter the mobile number. They can easily download the link on the system or smart phones. Then you should install the file to start playing the fantasy league game. They can enjoy unlimited fantasy games on the mobile. Then, the file should be downloaded from the website. After the software is downloaded, then the person should create an account to become the member of the Player pot. If they are already the members of the game, then they should log in the details. They can register their name to the site within a shorter period.

The app provides different games to the users. The players can practice their match online to learn various aspects of the game. They can select the matches online and also watch the live score. They can also view their ranking online and record the scores of the previous matches. After completing the match online, they can record their final match score online. They can also make a record of the upcoming matches.

They should know the rules and regulations of the game and the ways to win the match. They should select the practice contests online and also acquire knowledge of the favorite fantasy sport. We can also predict the performance of the other players online. The players can learn the rules and regulations of the game. They can also learn the point calculating system of the game. They can earn some real cash if they win the game. The players can play various bigger and smaller contests.

They can learn the rules and regulations of the fantasy cricket playing 11 game and play along with 11 players. This game comprises of batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicket keepers, all-rounder’s etc. So, they can learn to control the players. The players can learn to select the appropriate player for bowling, batting, wicket keeping, etc. The players are also free to select captains and vice-captains.

To play the game of fantasy cricket, they should follow some simple points.

After registering, they should select a match and then click an option to join the game. This game consists of 11 players including batsmen, wicket keepers, bowlers, all-rounder’s etc. They can use a virtual bet of 1000 gems in the particular match.

To win the game, they should carefully select the captain and the vice-captain of the game. The captain of the game wins 2 points or more. The vice-captain earns 1.5 points. Then, they can also join the Paid pot to win bonus. They earn points based upon the performance of the players that you have selected. The winners of the game are usually declared at the end of the month.

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